Classes In Local Fitness Stores

Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, Patagonia and Whole Foods frequently offer free yoga, pilates, and Bootcamp classes in their local stores. Check the website of the specific location to see if there are any upcoming classes near you!


Eventbrite and other event hosting sites will show free and discounted fitness events that are happening in your city. It’s easy to filter by price and specific location too.

Black Friday Specials

Black Friday doesn’t have to mean lining up outside clothing and electronic retailers to get a deal. Many fitness studios now offer some of their best deals on class packages during Black Friday Weekend. Plus, it’s a great way to get an early start on your New Year’s resolution!

Online Memberships

Many barre and yoga studios offer a monthly subscription for online classes at a much cheaper price than a monthly membership at the studio. If you have the space at home and are looking for more fitness classes without spending around $130/month, try and online subscription.

Fitness Clothing Sales

High-quality fitness clothes aren’t just fashion statements, they’re also made with the right materials to help you perform at your best. While we all would love to have the latest and greatest gear, fitness clothing can get pretty pricey. The savvy way to shop for your favorite fitness clothing is to shop at the right time! Fitness clothes (like most clothes) tend to go on sale when the seasons are about to change. Summer fitness clothes will start to be discounted in August and winter fitness clothes will start to be discounted in February. Lucky for us, Austin still has summer weather into November, which means you can get great use out of fitness clothing that you purchase in August. January is also a great month to buy clothing in general because stores are discounting the merchandise that didn’t sell over the holidays.

With trendy fitness clothes on the rise, Victoria’s Secret, Target, and Gap have significantly improved their fitness clothing selection. These stores have generally lower prices plus they offer lots of great sales throughout the year! Hitting the Outlet mall to shop at Nike, Under Armor, and Gap is great options too.

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