Staycation is all I ever wanted… okay but really

It seems that we are constantly reminded of how stressed we all are and we are always being presented byways to remedy this situation. It isn’t tough to find advice on mindfulness or an offer to embark on a yoga retreat to find your personal level of zen. Additionally, it seems like there is a general consensus that people can no longer fully unplug during vacations which is reducing the rejuvenating aspects of getting away and decompressing. Here is our thinking on this, sometimes the best option isn’t to plan a 14-day excursion to Europe where you plan to lock your phone in the hotel safe. Instead, it is simply easier to consider a quick staycation to clear your head without having to pack your passport.

#1 – Act Like a Tourist

Make a list of activities in your hometown that define a typical weekend for a tourist. Our guess is that there are a least a couple of hidden gems on that list that you have never experienced even though you could potentially live within walking distance. We get it, some of these things are so touristy it makes you squirm, but come on, things are popular for a reason, put on your tourist hat and enjoy.

Savvy tip – If you’re having trouble getting in the tourist mindset invite some friends who to visit

#2 – Change Up Your Routine

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in town that you venture to multiple times a month? For your staycation, your mission is to pick a coffee shop in a totally different part of town. Do you normally get a drip coffee and a breakfast taco to go? Congrats! For this weekend trip, you are getting a flavored latte, ordering a pastry, grabbing a seat to people watch and bringing a book you have been meaning to read.

#3 – Double Your Photo Output

Our hunch is that you snap more selfies and nature photos when you are on vacation, but that normal approach is not gonna fly this weekend. Lace up your sneakers and hit up the hiking trail you are always meaning to visit. Bring your phone to document the nature adventure, just keep the phone in airplane mode if you have to. Then take a stroll around a neighborhood you never visit and snap some food photos that you have staged perfectly. Then tap someone on the shoulder, introduce yourself, and have them snap a photo of you with the biggest tourist smile you can muster on your face.

#4 – Last Minute Check-In

All of this is possible without leaving the comfort of your own home, but let’s assume you are planning a staycation for the coming weekend and it is 10 am on Friday. The excitement is building and you have 15 minutes free at work. Give a call to 2-3 of the nicest boutique hotels in town, let them know that you are a local planning a relaxing staycation and inquiring if there are any unsold hotel rooms left for tonight or tomorrow. Whatever they offer, counter offer with 20% less, and see what happens. Even if it doesn’t work out, you could always try to score a discounted hotel spa day pass in the process if the hotel room request doesn’t pan out.

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