Here’s our list of food and drink loyalty programs that are worth it!


Starbucks has one of the most notable loyalty programs, which has been attributed to their early release of the program and its high performing mobile app. The mobile app allows you to pay with your card, track your stars, preview the menu, and place a mobile order before you even arrive at the store. The amount of money you spend accumulates as stars and then you can cash in 125 stars for a free drink or food item of your choice. They also offer members a free food or drink item on their birthday. The simplicity and great benefits of this program, make it a no-brainer to join for those who frequently visit Starbucks.


Continuing with the coffee theme, Dunkin Donuts is another loyalty program that is worth joining if you’re a fan of this east coast chain. The program is similar to Starbucks in that you collect points through purchases that you can eventually transfer to a free beverage.  Unlike Starbucks, you can’t use your points for a free food item though. However, the Dunkin Donuts app frequently shows deals on food and drinks and offers to accumulate double points on specific purchases. Recently they’ve promoted getting double points on mobile orders.


BBQ Pizza at Modern Market

Modern Market also has their own rewards program that you join by downloading their app. Get $10 back for every $100 that you spend, a gift during your birthday month, 10% off if you visit within 5 days of your last visit, and $3 off for signing up! Spend more and you’ll reach higher levels of loyalty to get even more offers.


For those who like the make-your-own coffee bar at 7-Eleven, we highly recommend downloading their mobile app and becoming a loyalty member. Their coffee is much cheaper than typical coffee shops and you get any size coffee for free after purchasing 6 coffees. They’ve also recently improved their loyalty program where you accumulate points for every dollar spent. These points can then be traded in for free items such as coffee, donuts, big gulps, and more.


Build-your-own Mediterranean bowl at Noon.
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Noon has their own rewards program that you can join by downloading and paying through their mobile app. Earn $9 for every $99 that you spend, which basically equates to earning one free pita or bowl after buying 11. They are also offering a free entrée just for signing up and downloading the app! Plus, you get free chips and hummus on your birthday and you can place to go orders through the app to skip the line.


There’s nothing complicated about Pinkberry’s loyalty program. Make 10 purchases and get a free yogurt. Plus, you get a free yogurt on your birthday!


Creating an account on Open Table allows you to easily make reservations at lots of local restaurants. After making a reservation and dining at the restaurant, you’ll typically earn 100 points and hitting 2000 points gets you a $20 check to use at any restaurant on the Open Table platform. Look out for restaurants that offer 1000 point reservations at this will help you reach your goal, exponentially faster! These reservations are typically at less popular times for restaurants between 5-6pm and 10-11pm.


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Hummus and Pita at Kerbey Lane Cafe

Kerbey Lane has a new and improved Kerbey Enthusiasm program. Download the app or get a rewards card and share your unique visitor code with your server each time you dine. Every $1 spent = 1 point and 75 points get you $5 off your next visit! You’ll also get rewards during your birthday and anniversary month and from referring friends.