Nothing says comfort food like a grilled cheese. And nothing says a savvy decision like a grilled cheese that is equal parts extravagant and delicious. We pulled together some sandwiches from all around the country that checks all the boxes and will leave your mouth watering.

Savery Grilled Cheese – Austin, TX

First off, their sandwiches are awesome. Their current spring menu has 5 cheesy options to indulge in and we have trouble recommending just one. But if we have to, we were super impressed with the pictured “Game time-cheddar” featuring bacon and roasted jalapeños with a green onion spread on jalapeno cheddar bread. More importantly, 10% of all purchases go directly to organizations fighting slavery around the globe. This truck was established in April of 2015 and they have been serving up deliciousness and doing good from the beginning.

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MsCheezious – Miami, FL

Ms. Cheezious was founded in December of 2010 and been racking up the awards ever since including winning the coveted “People’s Choice Award: Best Food Truck” trophy two years in a row at Food Network’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival! We could have selected a bunch of drool-worthy photos given their expansive menu but feast your eyes on their Mackin Melt with creamy gouda mac n’ cheese and house-cured bacon on sourdough bread! They also offer a BBQ Pulled Pork Melt or a Crabby Cheese Melt or how about a Southern Fried Chicken & Waffle Melt!?!?!?

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Beer Belly – Los Angeles, CA

What is a grilled cheese missing? The first thing that comes to your mind is most likely not Maple Syrup, but Beer Belly in LA would make the article that it should be on the list. Beer Belly is focused on “craft beer and crafty food” and yup that is super cheesy, but they deliver. The “Beer Belly Grilled Cheese” is 4×4 cheeses featuring Cheddar, Asiago, Gruyere, and Goat Cheese. Then, of course, they add Bacon and Maple Syrup.

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Grater Grilled Cheese – San Diego, CA

Grater Grilled Cheese was inspired by the Greengo Food Truck that hit the streets in 2011 and they start their delicious sandwich equation with their “Basic 5” cheeses. They use that to create dishes such as the pictured Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich with butter-fried lobster, snow crab and signature Sierra Nevada pale ale chipotle aioli….wow! In all, they offer 11 cheesy sandwiches, plus a bevy of other entrees. For example…do you love ice cream sandwiches? Try the “Grater Grilled Cream”, a grilled ice cream sandwich on a brioche bun, and filled with a vanilla ice cream filling…ohh boy!

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Melted – Dallas, TX

A relatively new entrant on the scene (they opened in late 2017) they are already coming through with some delicious offerings. The idea for the business was born 8 years ago and at the time it was a great plan and a list of about 30 sandwiches with fun names.  Some were named after close friends of the owner, some were named after places she had lived and some are just named after cool stuff like the Mario Bros. The customers are very thankful that the idea came into existence, and currently, some of the sandwiches that pop off the menu are the “Wake & Bacon” and the “That’s All Folks”. The one pictured is the “Blaise N Chicken” featuring buffalo chicken, mozzarella and a celery/carrot/blue cheese slaw.

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