Our mantra is about staying savvy, but sometimes you need to splurge. Every once in awhile that desire strikes during Sunday Brunch and the following Bloody Marys will come to the rescue. Yes, they are over the top. Literally over-the-top! But in many instances, they can double as your cocktail and your entire meal which looks pretty savvy to us.

Star Bar – Austin, Texas

Star Bar’s “Hail Mary” Bloody is truly epic. This beautiful drink features:

  • A Tumble 22 Chicken Sandwich
  • A collection of Mini Donuts (both chocolate and powdered)
  • Olives & Cherry tomatoes
  • White and yellow cheese cubes
  • Hot chili peppers & Cornichons
  • Tiny cocktail smoked sausages

Star Bar has been going strong in Austin since the ‘90s, and features patios for people watching and eight TVs, including five 70-inch screens to indulge all your sporting needs. But let’s be honest, it’s gonna be hard to turn your attention away from the Bloody Mary in front of you.

Party Fowl – Nashville, Tennesee

Although they specialize in delicious Hot Chicken, Party Fowl’s signature Brunch for Two is the closest thing to a southern-fried edible arrangement that you’ll ever see. This 55oz Bloody Mary comes topped with two whole fried Cornish game hens, two whole scotch eggs, eight fried okra and one whole avocado. Pro tip: there’s only a handful of these made during brunch and unsurprisingly they go fast!

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The Normal Diner – Tempe, Arizona

The Redeemer Bloody Mary is available at the Normal Diner, one of the two delicious eateries attached to the Graduate Hotel in Tempe, Arizona. The Diner is the perfect spot to Indulge in old school eats and comfort foods, and the Bloody Mary just might steal the show. It’s a Bloody Mary ramped up, with a cheeseburger slider, celery salami, peppers, and cheese.

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Bostonia Public House – Boston, Massachusetts

The Ultimate Bostonia Bloody Mary is a canvas to create the deliciousness you desire.. It’s your choice of vodka or tequila and Bostonia housemade bloody mary mix. Then you put your architect skills to the test with the “build your own”  bloody mary garnish table featuring doughnuts, shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, ribs, meat sticks and so much more. Do your best and basically get a meal and a cocktail for $18. Brunch runs every Saturday & Sunday from 10AM to 3PM plus it features a live music duet.

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Sobelman’s Pub & Grill – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Behold, the “Chicken Fried Bloody Beast”, yup that’s a full fried chicken included in this masterpiece. This culinary gem for the whole table comes from Sobelman’s which was made famous by their Bloody Mary menu and we can see why. A quick scan of the menu gives you versions such as “The Cheesehead”, “The Baconado” and of course “The Masterpiece”. If you are ever in the area, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t drop by.

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The Attic On Broadway – Long Beach, California

The Attic is all about neighborhood traditions. When Charles and Elsie Sherwood built the bungalow in 1918, the intersection of Broadway and Redondo served as the shopping hub for the prominent neighborhood of Belmont Heights in Long Beach. Over the years it the building operated as a chiropractic office, a bakery, an auto repair shop, and a myriad of other businesses.

In 1996, it was turned into the restaurant Lashers, and in 2012 it was turned into The Attic serving up delicious Southern and of course delicious Bloody Marys. Like “The Meaty Man” which uses House Infused Bacon Vodka, Demi Glace, Jalapeno Tabasco, and is garnished with Bacon, a Short Rib Slider, a Slim Jim Stuffed Olive, and of course, Celery!

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The Copper Hen – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The garnish at the Copper Hen that will make you turn your head and take notice is the Mini Bacon Blueberry Breakfast Cupcake. As if that isn’t enough, the garnish assortment also features bacon on a skewer plus they add a fresh sprig of dill because no detail goes unnoticed. Of course no Bloody is complete without a chaser and theirs comes in a little 4 ounce mason jar that they so kindly fill with a local beer. Cheers.

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PorkChop BBQ – Chicago, Illinois

Porkchop is basically a lovely combination of Southern comfort food, BBQ and some of the world’s top whiskeys. As great as that sounds, let’s get down the heart of the issue for this article, their “Hangover Bloody Mary”. For this, it is all about the toppings: a BBQ slider, a chicken wing, afried pickle, a shrimp, and wouldn’t you know it, bacon. It’s a meal in a glass that is a perfect for the night after a night out.

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Chadwicks American Chop House & Bar – Long Island, New York

A quick check on the Chadwicks menu will make you plan your trip to Long Island: Spanish Lobster Quesadilla + Tango Tempura Shrimp with Sweet Chili Dip + “Mamma’s” Chicken-Meatball Sliders. However, the star of the show might just be their “Bloody Mary With The Works”. It’s their traditional house-made Bloody Mary topped with Celery, Tomatoes, a decadent Steakhouse Burger Slider, Candied Bacon, Shrimp Cocktail, and Olives!

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The Lodge on 64 – Wasco, Illinois

The Lodge on 64 started as a simple vegetable stand in 1925 before expanding into a restaurant that became a hub of live entertainment and family events in Waco including baseball games, Model-T open-wheel racing, and musical acts such as Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey, Through the decades, the restaurant thrived and the building expanded. It changed ownership to become The Olde Farm Inn in the 80s, The Silverado in the 90s, and today, The Lodge on 64.

Today, The Lodge on 64 is famous for their rotisserie chicken, steaks, and baby back ribs and of course their Ultimate Bloody Mary Menu! The menu features: “The Classic”, “The Meat Coma”, “The Shipwrecked”, and “The Herbivore Bloody Mary”.

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