Here’s the situation…it’s Thursday afternoon and you get a text from a friend asking about your evening plans. They picked last weekend’s activities, so the ball is in your court for tonight’s adventure.

This happy hour roadmap for West 6th Street will ensure both of you have a savvy evening. This guide includes (4) different spots for the night where you can enjoy beer, wine, and cocktail specials and tasty food specials too. You can go the whole evening while spending less than $30!

5:00pm = Irene’s

photo credit to Jennifer E. of Yelp

506 West Ave
Austin, TX 78701
Bar Website


  • $5 Classic Cocktails & $3 Lone Star Drafts!
  • $5 Tito’s Martini
  • $5 Maker’s Mark Old-Fashioned
  • $5 Plantation Daiquiri


  • Free Popcorn
  • $2 off all Snacks
  • $3 House Spirits
  • $1 off all Draft Beers

Savvy Pick

Here is the plan for the first stop, sit on the patio and get some delicious food + a perfect cocktail to start the evening.

I’m going with the Old-Fashioned and a plate of wings which will run you $12!! And oh yeah free popcorn too! Other snacks that we recommend are the Hummus Plate for $7 or The Pigs in the Blanket for $5!

6:00pm = Rattle Inn

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610 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78701

Happy Hour Wednesday to Friday 4pm-7pm

  • $2 Domestics
  • $3 Wells
  • $4 Draughts

Savvy Pick

So you have a bunch of options here but I think we are going to go with a delicious draft beer for $4 and don’t forget that during happy hour, pop-a-shot-basketball and skeeball is free on the rooftop! So you really have no excuse not to make this stop on your journey….

6:40 PM = Kung Fu Saloon

716 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Happy Hour runs Monday to Thursday from 4 PM – 7 PM so make sure you make it here before 7 pm

  • $5.50 Wells
  • $9 Premiums
  • $7 Calls
  • $3.50 Domestics
  • $4.50 Imports
  • $1 off Drafts

So I’m going to keep on the beer train and great two delicious domestic beers to support the U.S.A. and ring up a total tab of $7. I might even have some time to sneak in a video game or a rousing match of Jenga, which is the perfect precursor to our last stop of the evening.

8:00pm = Maiko Sushi Lounge

311 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Maiko Website

Happy Hour Monday to Friday from 3 to Close, Saturday to Sun from 5 to Close

  • Over 20 Different Sushi Rolls from $5.00-$9.75
  • $6 Wine
  • $5.50 Sake Sangria
  • $3.25 Beer

Ok, we didn’t have enough room to post all of the amazing specials that run till CLOSE at Maiko! Finish off with a Sake Sangria and you will stay under our goal of $30. However, given that there are over 20 different sushi options on special, plus a ton of appetizer deals, feel free to go all out because the whole menu is full of great values.

The total cost of the evening = $28.50

Your Haul = Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned + Wings or Hummus + 3 Beers + Sake Sangria

Reminder = Don’t forget to take care of the bar staff, and that might push you over $30, but it is well worth it!!